A New Option for
Opioid Withdrawal Relief

See if our neurostimulation study is right for you.

Opioid Withdrawal Study – Now Enrolling

Who can participate?
Men and women ages 18 - 65 who need help withdrawling from opioids like:

  • - prescription painkillers,
  • - heroin, or
  • - fentanyl

and are willing to undergo treatment at the Austin, TX residential detox center.

What is the purpose of the study?
Withdrawing from opioids can be extremely uncomfortable, particularly in the first few days. Many people continue taking opioids to avoid the unpleasant symptoms. Or, they try to manage these symptoms on their own.

In this study, doctors are evaluating a wearable device to help reduce the symptoms of opioid withdrawal. The device, called the Phoenix™ is worn over the ear for up to 5 days - during the detox period.

How does it work?
The Phoenix™ device provides a mild electrical stimulation of the nerves in and around the ear, which carry information to the central nervous system.

Doctors and researchers believe the stimulation can help reduce the physical and emotional symptoms of opioid withdrawal.

Where is it being held?
The neurostimulation study is being offered at a residential detox center in Austin, TX.

Is there any cost?
The Phoenix™ System is being studied as just one component of a more extensive opioid withdrawal program. If you participate in the study, you will receive the Spark Phoenix device at no cost. However, you or your insurance company would still be responsible for any costs associated with the residential detox center offering the Spark Phoenix device.

See If You Qualify

To see if you or a loved one might qualify, and to get connected with your local study center to learn more, please take the questionnaire below or call 512-212-5863: